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First things first. What are the company’s objectives and how can marketing help the organisation meets its targets?

Who uses the products? Who makes the buying decisions? Are they the same person? Tell me about them, who are they, where do they live, how do they shop, what are their concerns and desires?

Where does the brand fit within the competitive environment? When was it last refreshed? Is it still relevant to the customer base and, more importantly, is it being nurtured by all departments across the business?


Before deciding how to target the customer, it is wise to understand not only the budget available to invest but also the expected sales targets. Breaking this down into each month and campaign is essential in order to monitor future return on investment.

Sasa Marketing can help build a marketing budget and sales plan for your business.


With the strategy and budget in place, it’s time to plan.

What campaigns, at what time and what marketing techniques will be in place throughout the year. The opportunities are endless – websites, emails, media adverts, exhibitions, packaging, mailings, social media… Understanding the customer ensures these choices are relevant and effective.

Sasa Marketing can create campaign plans and a schedule of activity based on the budget and strategy already in place.


An effective marketing department will take the campaign plan and implement the activity, on time and on budget.

Working with a reliable network of quality third party suppliers, Sasa Marketing can implement a marketing plan on your behalf. Working on a project or retained basis, the activity will be delivered as agreed.

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Calculating the value of the Return On Investment (ROI) is invaluable in deciding future marketing activity. Procedures can be implemented within the sales and marketing teams to ensure ROI is continually monitored and improved.

Additionally, many organisations benefit from brand awareness tracking and detailed market research projects. Sasa Marketing and its network of suppliers are ideally placed to implement evaluation techniques.


Depending on the nature of the agreement, Sasa Marketing will hold regular review meetings. Ongoing reporting systems can be implemented and, as with any marketing department, regular updates are essential to ensure the activity remains effectively on brand, on time and on budget.

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